18 Jan


Cannon Street is the usual collection of fuckups and bullshit excuses this evening. I am on the 18.46 that was stood waiting to get a platform to come into the station for about ten minutes and has now arrived at 18.43 and this is after everyone was awaiting the delayed 18.37 which has now just been cancelled as it was running more than 20 minutes late. These fuckers couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. A large number of trains have been cancelled this evening too with no reason given. The 18.30 was delayed by about ten minutes due to a “radio fault that the driver was trying to rectify” and once the sheep realised that train was still there all trotted off to get on it meaning this train isn’t as rammed as I thought it would be. It is soul destroying every single fucking day without fail there is some issue. When are they going to spend money where it is needed so these train faults don’t happen? It’s a fucking joke. I am sick of getting to Cannon Street and seeing the masses of people waiting to get onto a train but there is a fuckup on one or all lines causing them to have to stand and wait. I leave work and the trains are seemingly fine – incoming delays are minimal. Then during my 15 minute walk to get there all hell breaks loose and we are fucked again. It is only Monday and I’m already in the mood to slap the shit out of the next Southeastern employee that has the misfortune to cross my path. If the ticket inspectors have the cheek to be at Plumstead this evening I will let loose. I am more than ready to flatly refuse to show my ticket to them – I wonder how that would go down legally as they aren’t allowed to touch me. We have loaded up at London Bridge now with livestock and are packed to the gunnels – joy. Time to post and get my ipod on so I don’t have to listen to the shit music spilling from the cheap headphones of people who have just joined my carriage. When will this all end?


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  1. Steve January 18, 2016 at 9:27 pm #


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