Landslip Gone?

15 Jan

No extra trains stopping this morning, trains seem to be running “on time” and we aren’t as busy today so I can only conclude that the very overdramatic reaction caused by a landslip has now ended and we can return to normal Southeastern service which is now just shocking rather than dire as we have had since Tuesday. Last night was ridiculous but I can’t even be arsed to really comment on it aside from saying I had to be up close and personal with a huge number of fuckwits who usually use the Bexleyheath line and were as thick as shit. I do hope none of that has rubbed off on me. The train is gloriously empty today and there is a huge choice of seats available at the moment for the pant-wetting panickers at Westcombe Park who HAVE to get a seat or they may die. They have been even more hysterical these last few days with their “can you move down please” bleating from outside as they tap their hooves on the windows. I’m going to post now so I can enjoy the feeling of an empty seat beside me for the maximum amount of time until some fat fuckwit comes and slumps down next to me.


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