False Economy

14 Jan


Last night and this morning, Southeastern are getting fast trains to stop at Woolwich Dockyard and Plumstead. The train I was on last night actually did stop at Plumstead so I didn’t have to walk from Abbey Wood which was a blessing as I needed a wee. Now this is a great idea, but when it is an unexpected train and fuckwits galore all pile on as if it is the last train out of Auswitz then it isn’t a good thing. The 7.36 was my addition this morning and it arrived at 7.42 and was packed to the gunnels. Even so, fuckwit people at Plumstead all ran desperately to get on and caused delays. As I have a brain I was tracking the 7.41 that was one stop behind, and that soon arrived and here I am with a seat and without an ass resting on my shoulder. Why don’t they just think? It really isn’t that hard. This fucking landslip is STILL dragging on – why isn’t it fixed yet? I am sick of the Bexleyheath chavs on my train now. The train is as hot as Hades because the heating is pumping out and I’m already overheated. It isn’t nice at all. Time to post though as we are collecting livestock soon from the stations that the fast trains aren’t stopping at – Westcombe Park and Maze Hill… Fuck knows why they aren’t included.


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