Indiana Bitch and the Highstreet of Doom

13 Jan


So I had planned to write this this morning, but as the train was rammed and I ended up standing at first and then getting a seat later on I wasn’t able to but the title made me laugh so you will be pissing yourselves by now waiting for the story to unfold. The train was rammed with Bexleyheath line people again as the landslip was still causing fuckups as it is now. I am on the 18.30 and I’m Abbey Wood bound again to walk from there. So the title and picture. I was storming along the highstreet as I always do and heard a rumbling coming up behind me – I thought it was that big ball from the Temple of Doom hence the title. I had visions of needing to run for my life as it got closer and closer. Sadly when the source of the racket drew level and passed me it turned out just to be a lazy bastard who can’t be arsed to carry his tiny backpack and is dragging it along in an attention seeking fashion that only fuckwits can do. I was expecting a suitcase at least with that noise, but no, just a fucking backpack. My handbag is bigger than that bastard. It’s time to post now as we are leaving ON TIME – make a note of the date – and I’m penned in by Captain Birdseye and my arm is aching. Laters, bitches.


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