Sick Of Bowie

11 Jan

I’ve had a day from hell not helped by the faux outpouring of grief of people on and on and on about David Bowie – where is the mute button? So I worked overtime and left work at 18.25 so I was aiming for the 18.57 but no – of course that isn’t an option. I am on the 18.46 and still sitting on platform 1 at 19.05 because of someone fallen ill at New Cross fucking up everything so thanks for that. I was on the concourse waiting for about ten minutes as there was no news on the boards about this train and all of a sudden it appeared so I, along with a lot of people all ran to get on, but there were people already waiting on here so they had already announced it and then taken it off the boards for some stupid reason. The information on the app was all up the shitter and it kept saying I was offline while trying to find out any information at all. No news was given on there or on the concourse as to why we were being delayed and it was only when I got onto the train that the driver told us the reason and he referred to it as a “ridiculous delay” because it is. Why the fuck can’t these stupid pricks learn how to deal with a passenger falling ill? Get them off the train as quickly and possibly and get things on the go to avoid mote possibly casualties of your own staff caused by livestock who are fucking fed up and want to get home. As always I couldn’t give a shit about someone falling ill on a train – if you feel ill then get off. Pulling in to London Bridge where we are meant to arrive at 18.50 and it is already 19.10 – I’m fucking raging.


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