Bowie On The Line?

11 Jan

Unexplained delays again today where the time loopbat Slade Green has struck. No real excuse given so I shall assume that the trains are running with a delay to mark the loss of David Bowie – that sounds about right in the grand scheme of Southeastern excuses. Here we go, leaving Plumstead with a five minute delay already – great hey? They must really think a lot about David Bowie. Train is already pretty full because of the fuckwits that usually get the next train but think their luck is in that they can get onto this one. Being a few minutes late will always causeote delays as more and more morons for the next train all piles on and causes people falling ill because they ate overdressed and don’t have a drink with them. I was expecting the lady to be there today but she wasn’t. The twats who insist on standing by the doors are already congregating next to me. The area where there is three seats in front and two seats behind leaving a space usually chosen by me to put my legs or buggy bitches to park their spawn or suitcase wankers is the space to se twats like to stand. It will now cause a bottleneck and they will be the reason as for people by the door to move down but there is nowhere to go as that space is well and truly blocked. I can even see a seat available but because Billy big balls wants to stand, so does every fucker behind him and there, my dead Obborati, is the problem with commuting today. Always thinking of themselves and no fucker else. Time to post before I overheat now and have to lean into the legs that are to my left. It isn’t fun when there are delays.


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