Wet To Dry

7 Jan

The 18.36 has just pulled out at 18.39 but I can’t be arsed with that bastard today and I’m on the 18.46 that arrived a little later than normal but with more than enough time to pull it back. From rain tipping down this morning, this afternoon was filled with blinding sunshine and cold air and this evening it is lovely and dry and fresh. I like this temperature as it makes me think it is spring. I ventured out at lunchtime for a walk and saw primroses in full bloom along with daffodils coming along nicely and so really spring is springing. I also saw some very fat and well-loved squirrels scampering about and they always make me smile even when they jump out at me waiting for food. I am feeling tired after this full week back at work even though today wasn’t as busy it was still pretty taxing with things hurled in my way. Just listening to two platform Bennies guffawing to each other before they prepare to see the train out of the platform when it is ready – rather than being on time or course. Southeastern staff are some of the most unprofessional I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. They look scruffy, shout across the platforms to have a conversation and mostly stand about talking shit to one another. When I was getting a train from Victoria on 30th December I had the misfortune to come upon two scruffy bastards stood talking shit to one another. I had suitcases and bags but my ticket was ready to touch on the reader. I was trying to get through the luggage barrier which was open but I wanted to touch in as I had to touch out as I was using pay as you go. Did the fuckers even notice me standing there? Or course not so I just ran on through as I had minutes to spare and I didn’t want to wait 30minutes for the next one. That was my one and only free train journey for 2015 as I didn’t touch out at Woolwich as the office was shut and the barriers were therefore open. I regret nothing – I am owed way more than one free journey with these fuckers, we all are. If you get the ability to bunk the train then do so. It felt wonderful. Time to post – we pulled out at 18.47 in the end so not bad at all.


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