6 Jan


Before I begin this evening’s rant please let me direct your attention as fellow haters of Southeastern to a website that launched today – http://www.trainshame.co.uk as this is the place to go for updates on how we can beat these bastards. There is a petition to sign and news of how we can get involved.

My title was going to be Fitness Fuckwits but I decided on the title I went with to honor the new website. I saw you many new year new me arseholes today all put jogging and riding and mincing in gym kit about the City. One sticks in my mind and jogged past my work in full lycra gear looking like a wanker. He had gloves on and needed to blow his nose and so he did, right in to his gloved hand. He then come upon a lamppost, wiped his buggy, snotty hand across the lamppost to clean it off and then continued his jog. What a fucking dirty bastard? Why do you need to do that? Granted he didn’t just close one nostril and deposit the snot onto the ground but this way it is going to be more likely to end up on someone that leans against the lamppost at a later time. Utter scum. Braving the 18.37 this evening which only arrived at Cannon Street at 18.35 so we are going to be late. Managed to push on and get my usual seat but the moron above is opposite me and his tiny bag that looks as though it’s holding nothing at all needs a seat all of its own. I have had a long, tedious day today and I’m ready for bed. Hump day couldn’t come soon enough and at least it is downhill to the weekend from tomorrow. Leaving Cannon Street at 18.40 so a slight delay now but that will grow as we jostle for a slot at London Bridge. The usual announcement is to say delays are caused by congestion – same old shit, different day. I’m going to post now as I want some music.


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