Vape Wankers

4 Jan

It is the season to give things up and for some that means quitting the fags. Why this means they then have to swap them for vapes that are as big as a carton of Ribena with a straw stuck in the top is beyond me. There are plenty of designs out there and surely you should replace a fag with something fag shaped and sized is a natural progression but for some men – I’ve only seen men with them – this means replacing it with a penis substitute making up for their shortcomings. Like men going through a midlife crisis needing to spunk money on a sports car, this is the vaping equivalent. It looks fucking stupid puffing away on that. Normality restored on Southeastern today as a signal failure meant delays on our way into London Bridge and then the 18.37 and now the 18.46 that I am on are both delayed. You would have thought that a total of ten days of complete closure on this line would give them ample time to catch up with themselves but no, the same old delays but we have the privilege of paying more today than we did two weeks ago. Nice, hey? I have a bag full of shopping that was delivered to work whilst I was on leave and now I am lugging that home. The 18.46 has left two minutes late but let’s see how much more we are delayed as I think I will keep a running total of the fuckups for 2016 starting with today.


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