Roll Up, Roll Up

4 Jan

First post of 2016 and it may as well be the last post of 2015 for all that’s changed. The usual need to ask a cyclist why he isn’t riding on the road was met with the usual overly aggressive response from the cycle wanker who decided to just stop dead on the pavement and rant while I skipped off merrily to get the train. For all I know he is still there. He was dressed in the same outfit that the Network Rail “engineers” (layabouts) do and had stopped to pick up something that was on the ground by a bin – classy. The train is deadly quiet of noise and of livestock as well but then I imagine a lot of people will be late today as they can’t be arsed. I couldn’t be arsed but I’m here. Sitting next to the bloke that can’t keep his eyes open which is always fun. He is engrossed in the football pages of the Metro so I don’t think he will last much longer as that is enough to put someone that is already asleep to sleep. No gobby brood and their hair-hopping mother today which is why the carriage is so quiet but then perhaps they don’t go back to school until tomorrow. I walked today and my hair is furry and I’m wearing jeans as I couldn’t be arsed to dress up like a dog’s dinner for work today. Having to get their is bad enough buy aside from work I have complaint letters to type – one to Monopoly for a typo on their Back To The Future board that was discovered on Christmas day and then obe to First Great Western who are a bunch of arseholes. I will blog about that in a separate post too from my desk at work as it requires a physical keyboard so I can get everything included in one go. I just remembered that I chose the title today because of the massive queue of people all lined up waiting to get a ticket this morning… Why haven’t they just done this before, or better still did it online like I did? People really are thick, aren’t they? Time to post as I need some tunage.


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