Final Furlong

18 Dec


The train may have arrived a little early again and it is nice and empty like a normal Friday but we still have the arsehole above for your viewing pleasure who thinks it’s fine to sit like that with his massive earphones on and literally glued to his phone. To his left are two “lads”; one in a blue shirt with a white collar favoured by chavs, and the other in a black jumper and what looks like a penguin onesie underneath. These “lads” are talking intently about football, mistaking this chat as making them sound interesting and intelligent. Instead I have an urge to stab myself in the nostril with a pencil to avoid needing to listen. The chavvy one is more attractive and in another life I might consider it but in that shirt with that gash coming out of his gob, it’s a no from me. Ugh I’m going to post as I want some music to listen to to distract me from shooting that pair of morons evil looks every time they mention a footballer’s name and I’m currently nursing RSI in my forehead from the last ten minutes of eviling. I shall leave you on Bristol City Away and “that’s massive, that’s huge…” give me strength.


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