2015 Done

18 Dec

Thank the fucking Lord – 300 or so more commutes under my belt (that must be why it is expanding at such a fast rate) and I’m on the 18.37 that arrived at Cannon Street on time for the first time I can remember in weeks. That will be because people are out drinking tonight and that means this journey should be quiet and fast… It should be but we will see. I won’t believe it until it is over. I have to get the train again this year but this is the last Cannon Street visit until January 4th 2016. This year has been mostly moaning about trains which makes no change from the previous four years of the blog. Nothing really of note to report aside from people looking like absolute wankers in their Christmas jumpers and lots of people not knowing where they are going – I gave directions to two separate people on my walk to the station. I’m going to post as I really am done with Southeastern this year and I know that next year won’t be any better than this and it will probably be worse when Cannon Street trains no longer stop at London Bridge and I have to get off here each day and battle with the fuckwits to go and get the bus. Enough is enough and I wish you a happy Christmas – I may blog again before the next proper commute but I will see if I can be arsed.


One Response to “2015 Done”

  1. Capel December 18, 2015 at 7:52 pm #

    Merry xmas HRH you very entertaining individual. Every moan and bitch is an echo of my own commute and I thank you for making me shake with laughter whilst I listen to my music and read the blog. Whilst I read I personally wish i could throw a lot of people out of the moving train like you. But, there are always the diamonds in the rough that make it that ltitle more entertaining. Here’s to commuting and all of its right royal bullshit.

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