Stroppy Spitter

17 Dec


I had the morning booked off work and so I ambled in for 2pm meaning trains were empty and reasonably on time. I got to London Bridge, nipped to M&S to pick up some food and then minced over the the bus stop to get a bus over to Old Street. Three of us boarded and we were on our way. Traffic was strangely heavy but once we got onto the bus lane on London Bridge proper it was fine… Until we came upon a gimp on a Boris Bike who was for some reason taking up too much room and we came to a stop behind him. He didn’t like this and instead of getting off and pushing his bike along the pavement wide enough for another bus to go down, he decided to throw a strop and the picture above is the result of this strop – he spat at the bus as it went past and that was right next to where I was sitting so I was able to spent the next 15 minutes watching as the rather watery looking spit trickled down the window and eventually evaporate and leave a vile smudge by the time I got off at Old Street. What a pleasant man, hey? So charming and classy but too cheap to get a cab and too lazy to get off and push. I suppose at least it wasn’t blood spattered against the window but I would probably have enjoyed that more as it would be one less to rile everyone. This evening is standard from Cannon Street and the 18.37 left at 18.44 and I shall leave it there before I explode with more rage. Lots to do tonight at home… Yawn.


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