Southeastern, Hear Our Prayer

16 Dec


Today a miracle happened. The train left Slade Green ON TIME for the first time in days and it had pulled in to Plumstead at 7.38 and I believe left on time as we are arriving at Woolwich Arsenal at 7.42 – have they been listening to me? Did they hear my final breakdown last night via Twitter – if you missed it, go and have a look as you will laugh at my brink of explosion with rage – and made the train arrive on time today? I doubt any of that but it is a nice thought. The shine of the train time has been shit on by the gobby ferel kids further down and also stinking booze breath coming from somewhere nearby that is making me want to heave. Had to move someone who tried their best to pretend to be asleep in an aisle seat when I got on but that cover was soon blown when she opened her eyes to check the coast was clear. Just spotted the booze source – man in front decanting Strongbow from a can into a Lucozade bottle and I can see this clearly but he thinks he is being very smart. What a fucking mess must your life be in order to do that at 7.30 in the morning on a commuter train? If it was the remnants of a Christmas party last night then that us understandable but choosing to drink fresh booze and attempting badly to hide that fact on your commute to work is sick. I thought he was chugging back the Lucozade a little too happily but that now all makes sense. I’m watching him in the reflection and he is sipping from that bottle – just got the picture above for you which is sideways but you can see perfectly. It fucking stinks. I think the can is empty now as he filled the bottle up again after I took that picture. I am speechless – nope, yet more is going in and some poor posh wannabe sap from Westcombe Park is now sitting next to him. He won’t decant anymore now as he will be seen – little does he know, silly fucker. Then I guess that is what alcohol does to the brain. He is very fidgety now she is there and I can tell he is worried about the can that he has shoved down between himself and the window. I bet he will hide that in his paper when he has to get off. Time to post.


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