15 Dec


Same today – no bus, fluffy hair, no lady, no new Posh Pikey, train late, twats pushing to get on, woman stealing the window seat who is already on the train and abusing that seat by sitting scrolling through shit on her phone, gobby ferel kids making a fucking racket further down the train, man with really shit hair sitting in front – he looks like a cockatiel – and now collecting the dregs of hell from all stations between here and London Bridge. I wish something different would happen because this monotony is getting beyond a fucking joke now. This constant delay caused by Slade Green is also beyond a joke as that causes this train to be busier and means I have to sit in places that weren’t meant for me. Cockatiel man is leaning his head back on the seat and his hair looks matte and clotted with the shit he has slathered into it to make it stand on end. I saw he has facial hair that would make Katie Price’s vagina look untidy and a big diamond stud in his left ear. Please excuse me while I mop up the puddle because he is so attractive that I can’t contain myself. The saddest thing about cockatiel man is that I can see quite a lot of grey hair sprouting which means he is too old to even contemplate this look as he is not 12. Ugh I’m going to post as I nerd some distraction now.


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