10 Dec


I left work and it had started spitting ever so lightly. It isn’t even that fine rain that soaks you through it was that rain that you can barely feel. Wandering around Shoreditch you would have thought a monsoon had hit with the number of people running with umbrellas almost taking my eyes out. They are so thick – why do they think they are going to die if they get water on them? Gimp above was outside the the station when I arrived and that half bun just made me cringe – you can’t pull that off mate, not one little bit. Snubbed the 18.37 even though it was almost on time and I’m on the 18.46 and the sight below is spilled across the seats opposite – what the fuck? How much of a rush are you in to get off an empty train to forget a toothbrush, hairbrush, swimming goggles and a fucking deodorant? That is worrying. Very worrying. Clearly the owner has been swimming today but why is that strewn across the seats? There was a wooly hat on the seat behind me too – I don’t get how people can forget shit like that. Don’t they check when they get up? Hilariously nobody is going to move the stuff to sit down because it is beneath them. I might take the hairbrush and deodorant for the morning so I can give it to a scabby commuter in need like that greasy slag from this morning with her vile hair. People keep rushing on after spotting the seat from outside and then just seeing the detritus and turning their nose up. Finally someone has tossed the deodorant to the goggle seat and taken one for the team. You could see it was a hard choice though as he paused for a good ten seconds before settling for that seat. We are on theove and it’s time to post – roll on Friday.



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