Over It

9 Dec


I am here again at just after 7.30 and waiting for the 7.41 which is again delayed slightly and will no doubt get more delayed and again I really don’t know what to say because it is beyond ridiculous now and I am SO fucking over it. Slade Green is the black hole once again where trains seemingly loose time even if they leave Dartford at the right time. On the train, leaving at 7.46 and a selfish bitch with her two kids and a suitcase are hogging the area by the doors. Oh – it is the woman who takes her ugly kids to school and her spawn hogging area. Maybe the third kid gas been bumped off and is inside the case? Photo below for your viewing pleasure. Fucking hell, she just told one to come and sit next to me… My bag is now on that seat because there is no way on earth that I am sitting next to one of those little arseholes. Thank fuck, a normal human sitting there now. God they are fucking annoying and she isn’t doing any sort of parenting as usual plus they are now occupying seats for people less able to stand and she won’t tell them to stand up if someone needs to sit there. I would report them to social services but I don’t know where they live. People like her shouldn’t be allowed to breed and those feral little shits will have a bright future of young offenders and prison ahead of them. Emily Watson and her children need to get on and show an example of how you do travel with your kids on the train, and that is quietly, with one on your lap and one standing next to you, or two on one seat while you stand. She reads with them, she talks to them and she pays them all her attention. Those kids will have a great life. These scum won’t. I need to post before my apoplexy takes over and I explode with rage.



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