Christmas Has Landed

9 Dec


Christmas has arrived at GAY Cannon Street which hasn’t been living up to its name for quite some time now and we have just had a solid, static colour for as long as I can remember. I rarely see anyone going in or out of there and it has been open for about four years so that was yet another waste of money spunked at a building that nobody can afford office space in. The Christmas party people are also out in force tonight; ambling along in large, glittery clumps looking for the venue that they were emailed about back in July when it was booked. I even followed a drunk man weaving along St Swithins Lane as I was getting to the station so he must have started early. He wasn’t even looking at his phone, he was just weaving with sheer drunkity drunk drunk ness. I always say this, but I do feel for people with companies who have their party on a weekday because the people don’t get to take full advantage of the free booze as they have to get up for work the next day. At least ours was on a Friday and we managed to spend over 700 quid between ten people on alcohol alone – quite an achievement and the biggest bar tab I have known in my five years at the job. Previous companies I have worked for had a 25 quid limit per person and they were much bigger companies too. I saw the 18.37 leave on time-ish but I couldn’t be arsed with it as I wasn’t in place for when it arrived as I went to the shop. Instead I am on the 18.46 which should be nicely on time and I will get home at the same time as the 18.37 has been getting me home in the last few weeks but without having to deal with as many fuckwits which is fantastic. I’m going to post now as there is a phone burbler that has got on and I can’t be arsed listening to that shit for the next 35 minutes. Until the morning, Obborati.


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