Continued Travel Hell

8 Dec


This morning the 7.41 was cancelled and I spotted this when I checked at 6.30 when I woke up. Then I saw the 7.51 was delayed by about ten minutes late which means three lots of people are going to be trying to get onto a single train – fuck that shit. I decided to get the DLR from Woolwich instead but that was as hellish as the fucking 7.51 was going to have been. First there were a huge number of people on the platform waiting which wasn’t a nice sight to behold and then some fat slag pushed me out the way to get the last seat as some dopey bitches were faffing to get into their seats. So I stood all the way and noticed the camber as we went around corners which I had never noticed before. Even when we were stationary I felt sick as the train was rocking from side to side. Eventually I got to Shadwell, battled to get off from the middle of the carriage where I had been pushed to, and managed to get some random’s earphone cable caught around my button and they just started pulling me back. Fucking tuck that shit in love because I don’t have time to do that on top of defending myself from the tuts of fuckers going to Bank. So this evening the fuckage continues and the inbound train arrived 11 minutes late which is after it is due to leave again. To top off the journey a bloke has sat opposite, honking of booze and spreading out with his legs crossed. He got on and closed the window so no doubt I will be over the limit by the time I reach London Bridge. This must be three weeks now that the evening has been fucked every single day and this 18.37 train has left when the next train is due to. It’s a fucking joke. This morning’s fuckage was so bad that #Southeastern was a top ten trending topic on Twitter for the whole of the UK just one place behind #Pistorius – that is how epic it was and how many people were complaining. Time to post as we are on the move and no doubt I will have to get squashed as the Duncan Bannatyne wannabe opposite won’t want to move to let any fucker through to sit comfortably. Christ he has just opened the Financial Times so there is even less room. Fuck. My. Life.






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