Running Moron

3 Dec

So I got the bus which is a yay and then as I was getting off I was almost knocked out by a twat running to catch it. He decided to run past the back doors, close to them, just as they had opened and I had stepped out. Thankfully, because I have my wits about me and the reactions of a gazelle, I was able to retract back onto the bus at the moment where he was about to whip my legs out from under me, all the while ensuring he (and anyone else within a five mile radius) knew he was a twat. So now I’m waiting for the 7.41 which appears to be on time as far as being on time means for Southeastern. Just saw a fuckwit bump is drag-along case down the steps behind him and then stop and inspect the damage that he has caused by doing so, very dramatically in the style of someone who thinks they may have done the same to their car. He could have just picked it up and carried it but no, dragging it and bumping down over the scabby, shit encrusted steps was a better idea obviously. On the train now and in a nice window seat. Katniss wannabe pushed on in front but turned her nose up at this seat as it had a paper and a sweet wrapper on it, and she is too important to move someone else’s shit to sit down in prime real estate. I however couldn’t give a shit at picking it up and moving it and so here I am. Time to post.


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