Unsurprisingly Late

2 Dec


It is literally like groundhog day recently and once again I’m boarding a train when it arrives well after the time is was meant to leave. I knew there was fuckage and so I didn’t bother to rush to Cannon Street and even popped into Boots and in my mind I was preparing to get the 18.46 but no, Southeastern don’t like my ideas and so shit all over them by ensuring all trains are fucked anyway and today’s excuse is the old chestnut of congestion – fucking hell, please try and mix it up a bit and tell us the truth. I tracked the 18.27 inbound train and it had a long stop at Slade Green as ever which had the knock on meaning it left London Bridge 17 minutes late. I really don’t know what else I can say as it’s the same shit day after day after day. I see that their Christmas plans seem to have changed and now they are openly advertising that there are no trains from 24th to 3rd January whereas I had read it was due to start before that. Still doesn’t make it easy for the poor fuckers who are working over Christmas but it means they don’t have to of course. Time to post, it’s 18.50 and we are yet to move but my arms are aching and I want some music.


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