Bus Moron

1 Dec

I managed to get a bus but as always it is a false economy as I just get rage. Today’s fuckwit was sitting right at the very front with a trolley perched next to her blocking the aisle. Everything above was written this morning on the platform edge but I got busy with the lady and so I’m having to finish the tale of bullshit this evening for you. So she was on her phone with both earphones in meaning she was bellowing as she is a fuckwit. She was on phone talking about the Woolwich Centre and trying to be subtle, saying how SS were involved in her life. Whoever she was talking to was also fuckwit and so she had to spell it out when I had already said out loud what her enigmatic code was referring to – social services. She was bragging about this to her telephone companion. It was laughable. Then again, with someone that stupid of course social services are going to be involved because people like that need a licence to breed but they don’t. Anyway, I soon got off the bus and had the pleasure of the lady for my journey. On the 18.37 now that pulled in at 18.38 and we are still waiting to leave at 18.45 – nothing like punctuality and this is nothing like punctuality. Another day of fuckery. I’m going to post as I’m annoyed, penned in ny a woman clutching a Starbucks cup and balancing her iPhone on her lap – she is knocking 60 – and I need distraction. Until the morning my dear Obborati.


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