Random Beeping

30 Nov


So the train is fucked no doubt due to an employee being hungover and can’t be arsed to get out of bed and now new Posh Pikey just SPOKE to me. There’s a random beeping that has been going off since I arrived and he minced down the steps and then taps me on the shoulder after trying to attract my attention with “miss, miss” like I’m a fucking teacher, to tell me something is going off in my bag. Christ mate, you need your hearing checked. If he wasn’t surgically attached to his shit Apple headphones his hearing would be greatly improved. I let the 7.41 go when it arrived at 7.51, and let all the fuckwitted wankers squeeze aboard when there was already minimal space and I’m on the pleasant 7.51 that is a little bit late – but I am now anyway so I may as well embrace it – but it is blissfully fuckwit-free as the people who are on this train have a bit of sense. As soon as the 7.41 pulled in and I saw the clumps of livestock at each door area as they whizzed past me to a stop, I knew it wasn’t for me. Fuck that for a laugh. Chances are I’m more delayed though now as there will be some silly overheating fucker who hasn’t eaten breakfast and has too many coats on and decides to stand right next to the doors on that train in front – joy. Ugh I still can’t believe new Posh Pikey spoke to me about that noise. What a twat? I feel violated now. Shoulder-raped… I may have to report him for assault. Time to post so I can enjoy the calm of the carriage as it doesn’t happen very often.


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