30 Nov


It is 18.54 and I’ve just got on to the 18.20 – massive fuckage but despite that, somehow I have a seat. Sadly the sight below is opposite me and won’t shut his legs for love nor money. Lanky assemble. He was all hunched over with elbows on knees when I got on to claim the seat, and as always I didn’t say a word to ask him to move, I just stood over him and he eventually got the message. It is like opposite aiddle aged Will from the Inbetweeners as he looks like a complete briefcase wankers but without a briefcase that I can see. Seems that nothing is moving out of Cannon Street but there has been some coming in – no real reason as to why there is fuckage and a lot of people just milling on the concourse. Just pulling out now at 19.01 – delay repay here I come motherfucker. Old Will is now on a call and so the ipod is on. We left Cannon Street and now stuck outside London Bridge waiting for a slot on one of two platforms when many trains want to go through. Old Will really needs to shut his legs now as I’m not comfortable like this anymore. Legs are even further apart now and his japseye is virtually winking at me. I’m only typing still as my phone is blocking the sight of his vile package. I don’t want to stop for fear of having to look. I bet he gets off at Greenwich – he looks like that wannabe type. Ugh I’m going to have to post as I am getting sore arms now…



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