Saturday Hell

28 Nov

So I’m currently on a 422 so I can get to Woolwich to get a train to Charing Cross because for some reason there are only fast trains this weekend going directly to central. The bus is overcrowded and there are a menagerie of screaming little shits behind, a gobby bitch shouting on her phone to my left and a thousand buggies all jammed in to the wheelchair space – in short, this is a standard Saturday bus journey but in reality this could be any fucking day of the week. I can’t wait to get off – next stop thank fuck. Following on from that last comment, the bus was diverted and I ended up having to get off at the Job Centre and then battle my way through the thronging fuckwits to the station but the train was EARLY and so I’m on board. I don’t even need to be at the theatre until 2.30 but I had to factor in this train being cancelled as they are only every half an hour. I’ve already decided I’m going Abbey Wood later to get some chips and get the bus from there as one visit to Woolwich on a Saturday is quite enough for me for one day. Absolutely hell; buggies as far as the eye can see, and ugly kids all screaming and running about with their thick parents just ambling along on their phones because that’s important to them rather than their bratty little shits. I don’t know how I managed thar bus trip, I really don’t. I closed my eyes and tried to block it out but that was short lived when the twat on the window seat needed to get off, one stop after all the buggy bitches boarded. Listening to a conversation about some bloke buying a laptop and I’m already wanting to butt in and say they have got it all wrong – they have no idea. I’m going to have to post now as they are boring as fuck and there isn’t really anyone else to rant about. I need some down time after that fucking bus from hell.


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