Red Friday

27 Nov

I did spend cash today which means I’m now in the red while all the lovely shops are in the black – what a stupid name for a day then again you can count on the Americans to do something like that. Got the train with the lady this morning where we slagged off New Posh Pikey again as he was there and kept making eye contact with me and that made me feel a bit sick. Trains are monumentally fucked this evening due to numerous things and I’m getting different stories from different places. The app said one thing and the tannoy at Cannon Street said something else so fuck knows – broken down train, congestion, passenger fallen ill, signal failure, leaves on the line and a ducking partridge in a pear tree. I am on the 18.37 which arrived eight minutes late and the 18.46 is cancelled as I think that is where the sick person decided to overheat after not eating all day causing havoc. Fuck me it is every single day this week. I’ve lost over an hour of my life waiting for these fuckers this week but because it doesn’t happen on a single journey we get no compensation at all and just have to suck it up. Pulling out at 18.43 and the train is surprisingly empty for such fuckups. I hope London Bridge isn’t rammed as the type of commuter that boards there isn’t very good. I’m going to post in anticipation now – might even blog tomorrow as I need to travel.


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