Leopard Print Lunacy

26 Nov

This evening’s walk has been eventful to say the least. Motorbike revving and trying to get through gridlocked traffic on London Wall an trying to run me over, man doing what looked like a goal celebration outside Cannon Street complete with fake crowd noise and then the leopard printed arsehole. It was right by work, so City proper, and yet this man who thinks he looked suave and sophisticated on his phone with his slicked back hair was wearing leopard print slacks with a crease down the front. At first we thought it was pyjama bottoms and then as we got closer the true horror of the scene unfolded when we discovered he was wearing them as a serious piece of clothing. What the fuck? Sadly I have no picture but as you know, my words can paint a picture in your overactive little minds and so you can see the scene. I have already decided to get the 18.46 as the 18.37 is delayed coming in and will be rammed and I can’t do any more time with fuckwits this evening after four solid days cooped up in the bunker with the office fuckwit. Today he gave a PC back that he had been working on and nothing was on there from the user and she logged in and didn’t know what to do as nothing was there. He was meant to be doing a simple task – upgrading her hard drive to a solid state drive which should mean just copying the data from one to th other and putting it in – but it has taken four days and it was still a fucking mess. Then he just floated around the office doing bits and pieces and didn’t take responsibility for the ream of paper he wasted yesterday by trying to print an encrypted file so it came out with a random row of characters on each page. He then didn’t know how to log in to our internal system and tried to blag it til I out him right and then the creme de la creme… he said he was going to St Pancreas station tomorrow as he is going on site. I swear I rolled my eyes so far back that I not only saw my brain but the street outside. Fuck me, how can people be that fucking thick? On the platform now waiting for the 18.46 and I got tutted at by some chump that thought I was too slow going through the barriers – sorry, fucknut, I’m not getting your train and there are plenty more barriers to go through as you can already see I’m in no rush. Sadly he didn’t miss it – he was running for the 18.37 – and he should know that it is delayed anyway as it is every fucking day. I hope tomorrow he is in such a rush that he meets a cyclist at a red light and that is the end of his time being an arsehole. I think I have ranted enough now and so I shall post. Thank fuck it’s Friday tomorrow – and the fuckwit isn’t in the office tomorrow so I don’t need to worry about catching stupidity from him. Hallelujah.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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