Coiffured Scrooge

25 Nov

Title is referring to myself as I have just minced out of a salon and spent my entire hair budget for a year in one sitting but fuck me, I look good. The natural hombre is almost all gone now and it cost me a lot of money five years ago but having roots that long at this time in fashion paid off well. So as I minced along past Royal Exchange I heard the dulcet tones of some choir singing carols under the tree that has been erected there – sorry, but it is fucking November and we still have another month. I am pretty sure I moaned about this last year too but at least wait til December until you unleash the Christmas shit on people. Just loitering outside of Cannon Street and getting shot dirty looks by the Southeastern woman going around picking up rubbish with her bag and grabber as if all the rubbish ever was my fault. Sh even tutted and shook her head – love, I don’t drop litter because I wasn’t dragged up. In fact I hurl abuse at people that do, so don’t give me that old shit. There is some sort of train fuckage as there was a lot of people on the concourse for 19.15 but I’m aboard the 19.17 train and not all squashed in like I was on that cattle truck this morning. I can predict I will be late tomorrow morning as I have new hair to contend with… it’s always the same when you get it cut; look shit hot when you leave the hairdresser and look like you have been snuggled up with Swampy under a bush the next morning. We are moving and there is a full moon which is pretty. Time to post and tick off another day before the weekend.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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