3rd Day Delay

25 Nov


For fucks sake, what is going on? This is now day three of the working week and day three of a delay on the 7.41 – what the fuck? Aaaah yes, the black hole at Slade Green again as I have seen from tracking above. On and with a seat at 7.48 and already ready to kill someone due to the fuckery and fuckwittery of the selfish people. Which reminds me of some last night when I made the mistake of getting on to the 422 as it came along just as I got to the station. Poor doddery man could barely get on and of course there was standing room only an not one selfish arsehole got up for him. I got on behind him, saw his dad little face and asked if he would like to sit down. He replied “I don’t think there is anywhere at the moment” and of course I opened my mouth almighty and got a woman to stand up to let him sit down. She wasn’t the one I had intended to get up as she wasn’t really able to stand herself but the fat fuck sitting in front that started to move as though to look like a good person – and she was one of these God fearing bible pushing fuckers – just stayed put. I thanked the lady that did move very loudly and even offered to hold one of her bags but she declined my offer. The man was very grateful to us both – poor old sod. No lady or New Posh Pikey today but Katniss wannabe is back but without a Hunger Games book today, as she is reading some other gash. Time to post as I’m squashed by a man spreader reading the paper and I want some tunes.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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