Blue Hair?

23 Nov

I’m not sure if she was just very cold or was trying to be trendy but she couldn’t pull it off – really short but fluffy and washed-out blue on the verge of green. Something you don’t usually see in the City dahling, but she felt the need. Shoreditch possibly but this was Liverpool Street and the only odd sight you usually see if the overly spray-tanned men and women in too-tight clothes mincing off to Brentwood. Blue hair – what the fuck? Saw a fair few cyclists taking stupid risks, and one almost ending up rear ending a car that had stopped to let me cross the road at a crossing of course. I am going to wait for the trusty old 18.46 today as I have seen that the 18.37 is already delayed to fuck but the inward train for the 18.46 is looking good at the moment. It’s always quiet now it is overshadowed by the 18.37 but as soon as London Bridge returns to semi-normality it will be bumped again back to Charing Cross. When will it end? Oh yes, 2018. It was a hard day at work and I did nothing this afternoon except scream at my computer as the server connection kept dropping and that connection is vital for me to quote and so no quotes got done. The office was like Superman’s special cave when I got there this morning and I have realised that the blanky is no longer enough to keep my cockles warm. Onesie and vodka it is for the rest of winter then. Aboard the 18.46 now and the 18.37 has just left four minutes late – no surprises. Had the hilarity of seeing the Southeastern “Travelling Over Christmas” poster on the concourse and I must remember my marker pen tomorrow to ensure I scrawl “don’t even fucking bother” underneath because there are NO trains between the 19th December and the 4th January so the people of Southeastern can have a really lovely, well earned rest… oh wait, no. I know they won’t refund any season tickets for that time when trains aren’t running as they don’t give a flying fuck. How about we all gatecrash their predictably lavish Christmas party this year? It’s about time we took something back. Fucking piss take. Time to post and ge the ipod on so I can block out all the over dramatic puffs of air that are exhaled when people step off the platform and into the “warm” carriage. Wankers.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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