No Lady

20 Nov

But plenty of fuckwits as always. Yes, I walked to the station as there was no bus in sight and arrived with good time as the train was delayed and so I took my place on the platform edge. Thankfully that moron New Posh Pikey was nowhere to be seen but the usual ditherers were hanging about, unsure where to stand and the flurry of activity happened just as the train pulled in, all jockeying for position. Obvs yours truly was first aboard because I am smart and next was that nice bloke who watches Manga cartoons on his phone and is never any bother at all. Then a sniffy slag got on and slammed down next to me and started getting out her massive makeup collection to try and mask her mush. No amount of makeup will help dear. She is now in front of me so I don’t need to be in an orange haze all day. The woman and he gobby little shits are further down and that’s my cue to post as I have a suitcase wanker now wanting to sit near the door as that apparently makes sense. Ipod time.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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