Fitty At Last

19 Nov


I’ve seen him before but only just managed to get a picture. Of course there are other fitties but I can’t always snap them but here is on after a LONG drought. To top off the fitty, the train also arrived on time and I don’t think there is any fuckage on this line. How good is that? No fuckage but obviously fuckwits and I’m already with ipod as a couple got on and she’s waffling on very loudly about her work and some phone call – save it for bedtime love as nobody here cares, least of all the poor drip she is aiming her bullshit at. Then in front of them is a woman with a backpack, a huge handbag and her legs are crossed so she is occupying four seats instead of just one which is acceptable. People continue to mistake public transport for their own personal chauffer driven ride home – no dear, this is for many people and not just you and your luggage. Just watched a man struggle to open a connecting door for a few minutes and he gave up and sat in the luggage rack. Seconds later another bloke comes, presses the button and goes right through. How does that happen? How can you fuck up pressing a button so monumentally? Princess Bag Bitch is now sitting with her feet resting on the box underneath the seat facing opposite so she’s gone down to using three seats but it’s still too many. London Bridge will be a shock for her. Saying that, when the trains run “normally” they don’t get as busy but that doesn’t happen very often. I’m hoping I will have the lady in the morning to share my journey with so you may now get a post from me. We are pulling out of Cannon Street at 18.36 – make a note of the date as this is early and I am still the only occupant in a block of four seats as is the bag bitch on the other side of the aisle. Time to post.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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