Same Old

16 Nov

I was hoping that the events of Friday night that I don’t need to go in to, will have meant most fuckwits will have had the fear put in to them and they wouldn’t have gone to work today – I was wrong. It is annoying beyond belief to have to still be surrounds by the fuckwits but it is something I am used to and something I must deal with even when they should be at home cowering under the stairs. Perhaps a lot of the morons think that it’s something to do with Paris Hilton? Who knows? I’m sweating my tits off as there was no bus in sight, so I powered along the road and now I’m nestled up next to a heater which is unnecessary. Fat slob from the other morning is sitting in front and the man that can’t keep his eyes open is opposite but with his phone this time and not the paper. That’s going to be a lot more of a disaster when he drops that when he drops off. The woman who has chosen to sit next to me is systematically tearing off the bobbly bits from her coat in the same way that one would pluck a chicken. What the fuck? Why is that a good thing to do on a train? She isn’t even wearing it, it’s on her lap in the same way a chicken would be. The noise is pissing me off massively now so I’m posting and getting the ipod out. What a bunch of fucking fruitloops.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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