Friday At Last

13 Nov

The week has gone relatively fast and I am finally on the penultimate train of the week. Sadly it was a bit late and the usual fight of the fuckwits occurred when it arrived. I saw the 7.31 pull out as I had received bus luck again, and I was the first person down onto the platform and definitely the first in my area. It was fine until the train arrived and some random woman appeared from nowhere and as everyone else stood to the side to let the one man get off, she started to push her way on. Obviously I said to her that you are meant to wait and her excuse was “oh I fell over” which is apparently an excuse for being a fuckwit… completely baffled. What the fuck is that about? You fell over and what? You managed to get to the station and there are plenty of seats but somehow you think that falling over I’d a valid excuse for being a fuckwit. Poor deluded fool. Next on the list of fuckwits is the slob I chose to sit next to simply because he had his jacket on the empty seat next to him so I just stood there and waited for him to tear himself away from infinite scrolling on his shit phone to realise that he isn’t in his own house and that he is in fact on public transport and that sort of fuckery doesn’t wash. He barely moved so my ass is hanging off the edge but I don’t really care. I am safe in the knowledge that I am not a selfish fuckwit zombie like these others who have made it to the blog today. I doubt I will blog later as I am off the the theatre – the Old Vic dahling – but I may have the strength. Have a great Friday 13th…

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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