Ticket Inspector Scum

10 Nov

Again they are all stood inside the doors right in the fucking way and have a combined surface area of a small country and still they think that standing there talking absolute shit merits them getting paid. They are all stood close by to each other but insists on shouting at the tops of their voices and avoid actually doing any work as always. When will they learn? In fact when will Southeastern bother to stop spunking money away like this? It is infuriating and makes me incandescent with rage every single time we have to squeeze past them to get to the platform. New Posh Pikey is living up to the standards set by his predecessor and tried to push in front of me along with another platform edge vulture who appeared from nowhere and tried to get into my window seat that I spotted as the train pulled in. If you want to get on first, get there first and stand in the right place. Otherwise fuck off and die. You deserve nothing for appearing with seconds to go and then just pushing in front. At least we aren’t suffering the bullshit from yesterday where I was sardined in between a fat bloke and his massive Samsung tablet to my right and a fat bitch with her massive phone to my left. Someone has evil breath now nearby and this is my cue to post – hurry up 6pm because I’m more than ready for you.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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