Monday Mess

9 Nov

I would have written this morning as the journey was hell but I wasn’t able to because of being wedged in the middle of three and with no arm room. I got the last seat on the carriage because I think the fast train between the 7.31 and the 7.41 was cancelled so all the people piled on to my train and I had some woman with a Baby On Board badge giving me cow eyes as I didn’t offer her the seat. Sorry dear, God gave you a mouth and you need to ask people to shift rather than just relying on the badge. If you were that desperate there were eight people you could have asked to move for you in the priority seats by the doors. Venture past these and you can whistle for it – your choice to get knocked up, not mine. You aren’t disabled and you weren’t even showing. As I have said many times before, I have offered my seat to people with the badge when I’m sitting in the priority seats and they usually decline anyway so I didn’t want to waste my breath. The bus journey after the train was hell was also hellish and I ended up at work at around 9.05 which is very late for me indeed. This evening isn’t much better than this morning and we have left late but then this is normal. Late is on time for these fuckers. I could have got the very late 18.20 but I couldn’t be arsed to run to get on and stand as that train is always rammed with complete fuckwits. At least this train isn’t too busy… yet. About to collect the livestock from London Bridge so I am going to post.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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