5 Nov

Saw the tail end of the 7.31 leave the station as I had bus luck yet again today. Luck ran out as soon as the woman who is now standing next to me arrived as she fucking honks of creosote which is fine on a fence but on a human just makes you wonder what the actual fuck? She is standing way too close to me too and I can see this being a battle when the train does show up but I will probably give in as she stinks so much that I don’t want that to come off on me and spoil my day. It wasn’t bad standing there actually and turning my face the other way until New Posh Pikey arrived giving Rape 101 classes over the phone and telling what I assume is a male friend to go into his female house mate’s room and just lay down next to her because of course, that is normal behaviour and won’t appear creepy as fuck. He apparently does it but I assume only to men as there is no way on earth this motherfucker likes minge. He is sitting nearby now and is still going on and on with the age old words of “trust me” spilling from his gob. Thank fuck he isn’t on FaceTime and we have to see this unfold at the same time as hearing him waffle on thinking he is some sort of lothario. What a wanker. Train is far nicer today now the DLR strike is over but Southeastern are a step behind and are still saying you strike is on as it scrolls along the station announcement board for every single train. I’m next to the man who can’t keep his eyes open and the paper is drooping way sooner than usual. I wish he would either go to bed earlier or just quit and go on the dole. It’s a fucking piss take to be this sleepy every day without fail. Time to post as I need some music.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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