Random Luck

4 Nov

It may be pissing down today but I managed to be at the bus stop in time for four buses arriving not to see them all leaving and I even had a chance to miss the first one as it was full of fuckwits and get the second one that was slightly less full of fuckwits. Sadly on a train now brimming with the fuckers as we begin day 2 of the DLR strike meaning we are overrun with the usual DLR travellers. We coped fine when it was a tube strike but this strike is really effecting the trains and London Bridge was closed due to overcrowding yesterday morning. The level of fuckery on the train was high as numbers were as though a train before was cancelled so it was rammed and getting off the platform at London Bridge wasn’t fun at all as they all just stop dead when confronted with someone coming towards them trying to get on to the platform. I need to keep this short now and post, as I am being penned from both sides already after one stop and listening to some ghetto wank blasting out of the ears of the skank on the opposite side of the aisle. Help me please.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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