Mingey Monday

2 Nov

There is only one word to describe my mood right now and that is ugh. Bus was a write off with vile children back on and taking up all the room. My lady wasn’t at the station when I arrived and I was counting on her to give me some humour to start the day off. Bus chucked off just as the train was pulling in to the station so a load of fuckwits all tried to push in after standing right in front of the doors. On the train I was perched next to a seat hogging manspreader but now I’ve moved to a window seat so my whole ass can sit down. The heating is on though and I’m ready to slice someone across the mush. I can’t though. I must just sit and take it like every other day. You may spot the Baroness of Balham today however if you are lucky as she is appearing on billboards doing what she does best and that is media whoring. For one day only she is a poster girl for the TUC and is showing at many train and tube stations across the UK. Time to post as I’m being penned in by a wannabe in a musty smelling coat. More about the slag later.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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