Litter Gypo

29 Oct

Before a taxing day of going up and down on the train between stations that don’t have a ticket barrier, I spy a Romanian gypsy leave her empty can of faux Red Bull on the wall outside the station. Sh continued into the station, past three bins in total and when I point this out to her I’m told I talk too much for the morning – welcome to rush hour, bitch, where the attitude is shit and people would kill for far less. She probably cursed me when I walked past her and I haven’t actually seen her get down to either platform yet but she will do. Fucking dirty skank. She looked as though she was related to that one that favours sitting on the wall outside my house drinking cheap beer and shouting with her mates and their kids in a buggy after dark. She likes to do the same on the high street too, on a bench as I often see her there. Train was nice and empty until a family of five just bundled on for a good day out in London. Time to post as I need some music to distract. Fuck listening to  their gobs for the next thirty minutes.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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