26 Oct

It is only 18.21, but it looks like midnight since the clocks went back. It has been a long day at work and being dark by five wasn’t a nice thing. Slippery slope now to Christmas and then slowly getting back to longer daylight hours. I don’t mind the dark so much when it’s mild like it is at the moment but when the rain comes I won’t be happy. Half term this week but I still managed to fuck up with catching the bus this morning. I was so annoyed that I lost all wish to rant and instead watched a creepy bloke on the train trying to check out four women at once, including me sitting behind him. I don’t blame him as I am amazing but I do have standards and he doesn’t even meet the lowest system requirements to qualify. On the 18.37 which arrived on time and is leaving on time – good start to the week. I do hope that I get a bus tomorrow morning so I don’t arrive at work with furry hair. Just shy of a full moon this evening and it is looking pretty – I don’t mind seeing that on a journey home. Can’t be arsed to type anymore as it is all I have done today. I will try my best to find something to piss me off tomorrow morning – that new Posh Pikey is fast becoming beyond an irritation and so I feel he will feature.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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