Friday Hell

23 Oct

Thank god the day has arrived but I’m already poised and ready to hurt someone. New Posh Pikey came amincing down the steps and I do believe he is a confirmed mincer because of the FaceTime I had the misfortune of witnessing last week. So he pushes right in, while on a handsfree call and shouting as he can’t hear his own voice. Stands right in the fucking way so I can’t see down the tracks anymore without straining to see past his fat head. Now I’m on board and in a seat but next to a sleeping man who huffed and snatched his coat from under my ass moments after I slammed myself down in an effort to wake him up. Fucking rude. If you want to sleep then ensure you are tucked in before shutting your eyes. Better still, try just going to bed earlier so you sleep at home in your bed at night like normal people. You can’t be an insomniac if you can nod off on a fucking loud train. This week has dragged as it has felt like a Friday both on Wednesday and yesterday and now I’m finally here it feels like a fucking Monday. I have an evening of hilarity planned with three very special ladies later so that is something to look forward to. Then a post-rush-hour commute to revel in… which will be lovely if I can avoid drunk arseholes on the train. I will head to Cannon Street to ensure a seat possibly in the luggage rack to ensure privacy away from the fuckwits. Good thing about this BlackBerry is that it remembers all my words and makes this blogging lark a breeze. It’s good to be back, Obborati. Probably won’t get a blog later so I shall wish you a great weekend now. Don’t forget the clocks go back on Saturday night.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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