The Future

21 Oct

I’m not too bothered about moaning and bitching today – although I will say Katniss tried to push in front and that new Posh Pikey actually did push in front after standing and having a conversation with Siri on the platform edge and there is a man in my eyeline playing with his disgusting beard – because today IS the future and a day that I have been waiting for since I was a kid. Today is 21st October 2015 and today is the day that Doc, Marty and Jennifer travelled to from 1985 in Back To The Future 2. Watching the film as a kid and all the hopes and dreams I had, and wondering if the future would really give us flying cars and a rehydrator so a pizza is ready in seconds at home. If we would rely on faxes as much as we did then and if we could ensure the weather as accurately as Doc does when he says when it will stop raining. The ability to open a locked door with just a fingerprint and shoes that will do up by themselves. We have come 30 years (ok, that film was made in 1989 so not quite that long) and how much of that is actually happening today? Quite a lot really but not the really exciting stuff – train is still firmly on the ground and my pizza will still take 15mins in the oven. I’m hoping the press will not fuck the day up for me as ITV2 are doing, with a special programme tonight hosted by that fuckwit Keith Lemon… I’m recording it so I can skip his bits. As a whiff of cat food comes through the carriage I’m taking that as my sign to post so here we go…

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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