Christian Radicalist

20 Oct

I made the mistake of getting the 96 today and fuck me, didn’t I regret it. First battling through the hefty school kids to get past the first lot of seats and then she started. Stood up and just shouted and shouted and hollered and wailed about the fucking lord and thinking she is making a difference. Christ almighty on what planet do you think that you can do that? No other religious group does that and rams it down people’s throats but militant Christians are the fucking worse. Don’t you dare try and radicalise people in public by giving them no choice but to listen to YOUR twisted opinions. I was the only one that told her to shut the fuck up and sit down and it just made her worse. I just matched her word for word, shouting to shut up and this this being that she has dedicated her life to doesn’t even exist. It left everyone absolutely fuming but at least I had tried to shut her up. If you do want to spread the word the pass out a fucking leaflet and don’t start ranting and shouting on a packed bus because not one of the people gave a shit and I imagine anyone who was a believer of other faiths was very insulted by her mental outburst. Bitches like that shout be sectioned. So today I am coming to you live from my BlackBerry and the Sony is going in for repair as I can’t deal with it anymore. It has got chance after chance and I am happy going back to Black if it means I can rant freely rather than constant fear of random shutdown. That Lord bitch has drained me so I’m posting now… if I can remember how.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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