Bike Wanker

20 Oct

I read about a lovely cyclist today that decided that he didn’t have enough room to get past a learner driver and so decided to smash her window right onto the nine month old baby sitting in her seat in the back – nice, hey? I had my own run in this morning with another bike wanker who decided to let someone cross in front of him before he cycled the wrong way up a one way street – how kind? He didn’t like being questioned at this and is one of these who then decide to follow me along the road – the right way down a one way street this time as I was walking in the opposite direction – and ask what my problem was. Dear cyclists everywhere, if you get shouted at by me then it is because you are in the wrong and putting other people at risk because you can’t be arsed to just wait. His excuse was that he was going up there to get off and that he was pulling in. I retorted and asked if he had ever done a cycling proficiency course and he didn’t know what I was on about. I did cycling proficiency when I was 9 or 10 when I was at junior school. I passed and the rules of safety are still with me because I’m not a moron. There isn’t a hope in hell of me ever getting on a bike in London but not because of the traffic, it is because of the other pricks that ride bikes that make it dangerous but they will never, ever learn. Speaking of learning I saw a learner driver on Plumstead Highstreet last night as I walked home. Stalled at traffic lights as it was coming up behind me then just kept up a slow pace causing a queue behind. When it did pass me I asked why the person was even behind the wheel – the L plate was dangling on the piece of string front the rear wiper and in front of the number plate, completely obscuring it. Who in their right mind would let a learner driver out like that? Fucking ridiculous. If you don’t know basic car safety then don’t teach people to drive. The L plate was barely visible as it was all curled up and flapping being tethered by one corner. I wonder if they came upon a cyclist later that evening. Time to post as the train is making a very odd noise indeed which is worrying.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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