Still Fucked

19 Oct

I do apologise for going odd the radar totally but following on from the battery dying issue my phone decided to use huge amounts of data overnight two weeks ago meaning that I just turned data off totally. The allowance for the new month has now begun but the battery is still monumentally fucked up and just dies still without warning when I am in the middle of stuff. I’ve seen and bitched audibly to way too much in that time but I don’t remember anyone biting which is somewhat annoying. I must be losing my touch. On the 7.41 and it is like nothing ever changes as the Plumstead Pong is still lingering and making me want to add to its pungent aroma with my own vomit and the woman and her three little shits are here. Good news on the home front though and that is that the people – I say people when of course I mean tribe – upstairs are leaving and so I may request a wheelchair user to move in so I don’t need to hear footsteps ever again. Stairs might be a bit of an obstacle but I’m sure they can manage. I’m not feeling too shabby this Monday morning as we are in a very special week in terms of finally reaching the 21st October 2015 which is the future personified for everyone who has a brain. Southeastern don’t have much time left to get their hover conversion done to bring the trains in line with cars and boards but maybe they will pull it out of the bag… Anyway I’m going to post as my arm is aching. Two weeks out and I’m rusty.


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