7 Oct

In an inadvertent attempt to get rid of my toothache, I indulged a little too much in wine last night. The pain went away which is great, but there are little hangover pangs this morning which isn’t that nice. But no pang, no gain they say, don’t they? I was amazed at how good the wine was at pain relief. It was just what I needed. Dentist is booked for tomorrow morning and so I can sleep in tomorrow which is just totally amazing news. I won’t have to get up until about 9am so I can stay up a bit late this evening if I have the strength. At the station and the train looks as though it will be on time but as you know, now thinking that means it will be cancelled for the rest of the week. I have dome to the conclusion that the bloke I had to tell you stand aside on Monday is the new Posh Pikey as he was there again yesterday and will probably arrive again today, and he really thinks he is hot shit when in fact he is just another little Plumstead skank with delusions of grandeur. He always tries to push in, and he dresses like he thinks he is better than he is. On board and thankfully no sign of him today – there is a God after all. Sadly made the mistake of sitting next to a thing with loud music pumping out and who isn’t sitting properly in the seat. She has her back to the window pretty much and isn’t leaning back to take up the room allocated to seat and she is therefore using all the legroom for my seat. What a mistake, hey? Woman I had the misfortune to sit opposite on the way home last night was a strange one. She carefully placed two newspapers down on the seat before she daintily placed her ass down and then she didn’t touch anything around her so she was leaning forward and was well over onto the seat in the middle – obvs still “protected” by the paper – and then she even started shuffling her feet away from mine when I accidentally touched hers while I was trying to fit around her stupid way of sitting. The trains are filthy, yes, but you are no better sitting on a paper and not touching anything as that filth will just as easily leech into your skin through the air. Fool. Time to post so I can listen to my own music instead of this fucking shit that the ghetto princess is insisting on making us listen to.


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