Spitting Skank

5 Oct

The pleasure this morning was overhearing a conversation across the tracks between two chavscums and the one on my side of the tracks is making his way to Facham today which I assume is Thatcham but because he is a fuckwit scumbag, he can’t speak properly. As the train pulled in, he rushed to the platform edge with his seventeen bags and then started spitting onto the platform edge – classy, hey? Anyone that chooses to wear a tracksuit on a commuter train is just scum. He wasn’t my only annoyance today, as a bloke came and stood right behind me while we were waiting, with his earphones in and obviously glued to his shut iPhone. He was absolutely pissing himself at something he was watching and then when the train arrived and stopped, he stands right in front of the doors with his head down still staring at his phone. So I tell him you stand to one side as there were a number of people stood inside waiting to get off and surprisingly he heard me, and chose to move about three inches to his right so he was obviously out of the way. What a fuckwit? Arrive after everyone else and wait til last to get onto the train – it is simple, but then I assume so was he. Christ I’m ready for bed again already. Gobby kids are on board and a multitude of VIBs spread about the place. I’m posting before I explode – I need some tunes to take me away momentarily.


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