5 Oct


Judging by the fools above you could be mistaken for thinking it was absolutely pissing down outside and we were on the cusps of a major flood in London – wrong. It is barely spitting but for some reason everyone is behaving like it is raining to biblical standards. Fuck knows why – I am barely damp and I don’t even have a hood, let alone an umbrella. Drama queens the lot of them. I am on the 18.20 which is just leaving platform five now at 18.32 – no reason given for these delays today and no emails (although my phone is fucked to biblical proportions, so there may well be emails about it that are yet to arrive) and we are laden down with the fuckwits from hell. Just plugged in the phone as to ensure no loss of ranting for you. Sitting in my usual four seat area but not in MY seat as a man with a shiny head is there. Then again, it isn’t my train and I’m going to post as we are about to be squashed by London Bridge people.


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