Phlegm Time

29 Sep

I know I didn’t blog last night but I just couldn’t be arsed. Back with a vengeance though today and I have walked along the road as the bus was nowhere to be seen and so I was able to spend my walk tip-toeing through the puddles of thick, green phlegm that are part and parcel of the walk at this time of year as chest infections start to become rife. It is slippery to say the least and fucking disgusting. I had the pleasure of seeing Obborati Alumni last night, in the form of Kevin who was (seemingly as always) hanging around outside the train station, looking as gangsta as possible and shouting some utter bullshit story at someone to impress them – I just laughed when I saw this attempt at looking popular and carried on home. Onto the train which was a few minutes late and the platform was busy – I assume a number of buses arrived at once to drop off the lazy bastards so they all ran along at once to annoy me. Speaking of running, dopey twat thinks the fast train that goes through the station was going to stop and so sped along the platform to try and catch it up… and when he realised it wasn’t going to stop he just carried on running to try and hide the fact he just ran for a train that didn’t stop at Plumstead. Fuckwit, hey? Time to post as I’m feeling sweaty and I need some music.


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